A Powerful Approach to Thriving Long-Lasting Relationships and How to Avoid Self-Sabotage

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  • Take charge of your relationship success; learn how to improve your current relationships, understand and reconcile past failures, and better shape future interactions
  • Ever feel that "I can't stick a relationship longer than a month, something must be wrong with me"? You're not alone, learn the role your attachment style played in your relationships and what you can do to stop repeating toxic behavior patterns over and over again.
  • Learn how to effectively overcome the habit of "blaming others" for your relationship failures; allowing you to rebuild broken relationships and stop the cycle of self-sabotage.
  • Tired of collecting self-help books and going to therapy? In this course, you'll discover one of the simplest explanations as to why you feel the way you do in intimate relationships.
  • Stop struggling and feeling "crazy." Discover why you get obsessed and needy. Learn how to have relationships with more ease and fun instead of constant turmoil and drama.

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  • "The single most valuable thing you need to know to have thriving relationships. Save yourself years of therapy by learning the attachment theory." Josie S.

  • “I loved how it was short, clear and easy to follow. I had read a book about attachment theory in adults before but this course has more practical advice.” - Christine M.

  • “I struggle with attachment/abandonment issues and this course gave me reassurance and confidence that I so needed!” Rick W.

This course is organized in bite-sized videos and reflection exercises. It is designed to help you understand your attachment style and how you can implement this knowledge to transform your relationships from failing to thriving.


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